There's a long list of companies that would love to collaborate with Marvel. Heroes like Iron-Man, Spider-Man, and Thor have become icons. You could put one of their faces on anything, from candy bars to beach towels, and it would sell. They were once confined to nerd culture worship, but now, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are even fashion statements. Dickies and Marvel have teamed up, and the former's Fall/Winter collection has been blessed with an appearance from popular Avengers. 

Dickies released a peek at their Avengers line, which features hoodies, long sleeve tees, and sweaters. The heroes are drawn in a somewhat childish form that is reminiscent of the Tokidoki Marvel collaboration. Iron-Man and The Hulk get their own sweaters in two colors, while Spider-Man and Thor get the same treatment for a pair of hoodies. There are several designs that feature all four heroes together alongside their leader, Captain America. 

The Fall/Winter Dickies and Marvel collection ranges from $62 to $88 and will touch down on November 7 at participating retailers. My assumption is that the limited line will sell out fast. You can check out a gallery of the collection here