It comes as no surprise that anyone associated with Martin Shkreli is also going down with him. Martin's ex-lawyer has been convicted of scheming to defraud a pharmaceutical firm, Bloomberg reports.

Evan Greebel was found guilty yesterday of stealing nearly $11 million dollars from companies that include Retrophin Inc. as a way to pay back investors that Martin lost money to during shady business deals. The 10-week trial ended after the jury convicted him of wrongdoing. Evan is currently out on bail awaiting his sentencing date and can face up to 20-years in prison.

"We’re just shocked by the decision," Evan's lawyer, Reed Brodsky, tells the publication. Reed blames the final verdict on Martin's "toxic" behaviour. As many already know, Martin became the most hated man after he started his own pharmaceutical company, Turing Pharmaceuticals AG, and sold life-saving medicine for 5,000 times the price. 

He also continued his negative reign in the headlines after he purchased the only copy of the rare Wu-Tang album and wanted to buy the gun that shot and killed Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

The last we posted on Martin detailed reports that the government was looking to obtain his assets that total a value close to $7.4 million - including the Wu-Tang CD and Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V. The documents noet that $5 million in shares are being held in an E-Trade brokerage account while some shares are being held in his Turing Pharmaceuticals company.

"Our position is clear. None of the investors lost any money and Martin did not personally benefit from any of the counts of conviction. Accordingly, forfeiture of any assets is not an appropriate remedy," Martin's attorney, Ben Brafman, said.