Martin Shkreli is one of the most infamous individuals in America. Raised in Brooklyn, Shkreli became a millionaire by his mid-twenties. Born to two immigrants, he became an avid fan of hip-hop music in his youth, which (unfortunately or not) led him to invest in the culture. Martin Shkreli made his millions as a businessman. After college he both managed and created hedge funds firms, which are a group of investors that use risky methods to turn a profit. It was methods he used during that time that got him locked up now. Unsatisfied with hedge fund money, he move on and worked as a CEO for two pharmaceutical companies.  His smug grin has made headlines over the last two years for a number of reasons. He has promoted pedophilia, hiked the cost of important HIV/AIDS medicine, and attempted to bribe Kanye West. Like many cowards, his weapon of choice is Twitter. He is infamous for going on rants that have forced Twitter to ban him.

Last year Shkreli purchased the only copy of Once upon A Time In Shaolin, a secret Wu-Tang album that is incased in a nickel box with handwritten member notes. He has since constantly threaten to destroy it, and even streamed it live when Trump won the election last fall. Somehow, the guy also has a copy of Tha Carter V, and has leaked tracks from that album as well.  As karma would have it, the 34-year old pharma-bro was recently convicted of securities fraud, and is sitting in a federal jail in Brooklyn. The FBI arrested Shkreli for running a Ponzi-scheme at his companies in 2015. Shkreli claims that the FBI is targeting him for hiking the price of AIDS medicine, but that's irrelevant. He is a crooked business man, and a stain on the hip-hop community. While Mr. Shkreli patiently awaits his Jan. 16 sentencing date, let's check out his most douche-y moments.