On Wednesday, Martin Shkreli, the infamous pharmaceutical exec who purchased the Wu-Tang album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for more than $2 million last year, took to social media to promote an event next week dubbed “An Evening With Martin Shkreli,” which will find him lecturing at NYC’s Webster Hall about politics, investing & healthcare. But what many people are finding interesting is that Martin also described the lecture as a listening event. So could he be planning on playing the album for those in attendance? It appears that way.

According to the listing on Eventbrite, Shkreli was scheduled to play “unreleased music” from his Wu-Tang collection & more. However, shortly after the announcement, Shkreli took to Facebook to announce the event had been canceled due to some threats.

“It's sad that a couple of threats can cancel a 500 person event people wanted to go to..”

Shkreli has already played snippets from the album back in November following Trump's victory, so the idea of him wanting to play the full thing shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Let's just hope it doesn't happen in the manner in which he wishes.

We’ll keep you posted if any more on this story develops.