Wu-Tang Clan's one of one album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has been one of hip hop's biggest mysteries. With only one copy that floats this earth, it seems like we may never end up hearing it. After PharmaBro Martin Shkreli bought it for a few millions, it was reported that he was ordered to hand it over to the U.S. Department Of Justice following his sentencing. However, a new report claims that he never actually gave it to them.

The Department Of Justice says they are not in the possession of the Wu-Tang Clan album, VICE reports. A senior Justice Department official said that Shkreli never handed over the album and he might not have to if he successfully appeals his seven-year prison sentence.

"The Wu-Tang album is not in our possession," a senior Justice Department official told VICE. "Forfeiture has been stayed in the Shkreli case pending his appeal of the conviction. And we may never seize the album if, after he loses his appeal, he writes a check to cover his forfeiture obligation."

The prosectors on Shkreli's case initially asked him to forfeit $7.3M but Shkreli claimed he didn't have the actual money so he was asked to hand over assets that added up which included the Wu-Tang Clan album. Many people said that after he handed over Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, it would possibly be in the hands of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.