First, there was the era of DJ Clue, Kay Slay, and Whoo Kid scoring exclusive looks at high end hip-hop releases. Now, we've entered the era of Martin Shkreli, who currently holds possession of two exclusive and rare hip-hop collectibles. While his publicized "investment" in Wu-Tang Clan's notorious album has been extensively documented, his procurement of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V has been the subject of much intrigue and discussion.

Shkreli has already previewed music off Wayne's lost album, including a promising collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. However, it's been somewhat unclear on how the recently tried Pharma-Bro even managed to land a copy of the album in the first place. Well, a White House correspondent by the name of Alex Pfeiffer has shared a tweet recounting the series of events that led to Shrekli's piece of hip-hop history. 

Like Lloyd Banks before him, it would appear that Lil Wayne made the simple mistake of bumping his own music and getting forgetful. When the new owner started bumping the mystery disc, imagine his surprise when he heard some undiscovered Weezy. And who better to call than Mr. Exclusive himself, Martin Shkreli. There's no word on how much the mystery middle-man sold the album for, but the rest is history. 

Who knows. Maybe we'll finally get to hear the album, now that Shkreli is facing some potential prison time.