When Martin Shkreli purchased the secret Wu-Tang album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million, he said he was waiting to listen with someone like Taylor Swift. With many calling for him to share the record with the masses, Shkreli is weighing his options. According to a new interview with VICE, he is thinking about destroying the album. Here's what VICE's Allie Conti said:

"With the Wu-Tang album playing in the background. Shkreli says he vacillates between wanting to destroy the record and dreaming of installing it in some remote place so that people have to make a spiritual quest to listen. 'I'm not just the heel of the music world,' he says. 'I want to be the world's heel.'" 

Shkreli has been a headline mainstay the past couple months, initially for his pharmaceutical price gouging business tactics, then for buying the Wu-Tang album, then for attempting to bail out Bobby Shmurda, then for getting arrested on fraud charges, then for beefing with Ghostface Killah. Despite being a generally reprehensible individual, his Ghostface rebuttal was borderline comic genius: "Ghost mad that Shaolin outsold his last 5 albums… dude’s a non-profit rapper. Calls himself ironman, but sounds rusty AF."

But seriously Shkreli... please don't destroy the album.