Pharmaceutical executive, part-time internet troll and owner of Tha Carter V Martin Shkreli has been suspended from Twitter after harassing a freelance reporter on Twitter. After appearing in a Fox News segment with Tucker Carlson, freelance reporter Lauren Duca caught the leering eye of Martin Shkreli, who proceeded to profess his (supposedly) earnest affection by relentless pursuing her across social media platforms. It’s worth noting that Duca is currently married.

Shkreli first tried his hand by inviting Duca to be his plus one at the Presidential Inauguration (how he scored an invited is a question for another day), for which he was publicly rebuffed. After that he changed tactics, writing that he had a “small crush” on her in his Twitter bio and changing his profile banner to a collage of images of Duca. Shkreli’s followers picked up where he left off, creating numerous photoshops of Shkreli and Duca, including one with Shkreli’s face photoshopped onto Duca’s husband.

Late Sunday, Twitter suspended Shkreli’s account. Twitter confirmed to The Verge that the suspension was related to Duca but didn’t elaborate further. Before being hacked, Shkreli claimed he didn’t see his actions as harassment, purely because she hadn’t interacted with him and had not told him to directly to stop.

This whole scenario is vaguely reminiscent of the Twitter suspension of another pro-Trump troll: Milo Yiannopolous. Shkreli previous made headlines for streaming a teasing snippet of the unreleased Wu-Tang Clan album after Trump's victory, as well as owning a copy of the unreleased Lil Wayne album Tha Carter V.

Check out some of the stuff that got Shkreli suspended below.