Today's startling celebrity revelation concerns Snoop Dogg ... and comes from none other than TV queen Martha Stewart.

According to a report from The Daily Mail, Stewart said that she finds her cooking show partner "very attractive," but denies that their has ever been any romance between the two of them. "Snoop is younger than my daughter," added the 75-year-old entertainment veteran. Just to give you some more context, Snoop is only 45 years old. Martha's daughter, Alexis, is 51.

She was pressed on whether or not she'd "fool around once with him", to which she replied "No!" in exasperation before adding, "No, we have to have to have a professional relationship." Maybe they haven't done anything of that nature as long as they've known each other, but there's no doubting that Stewart and Snoop Dogg have some chemistry, in the kitchen at least.