Marshawn Lynch has always been one of the funniest characters in the history of the NFL. From downing Skittles on the sidelines to being extremely cold with reporters, Lynch became a fan-favorite because of his personality. Not to mention, his skills out on the field spoke for themselves, and Seattle Seahawks fans were certainly grateful for everything he contributed to the franchise.

Recently, Lynch was on an episode of Peyton Manning's ESPN show "Peyton's Places." While speaking about pre-game rituals, Lynch came through with a huge revelation that will definitely have NFL fans laughing. As he notes in the clip below, he used to take a shot of Hennessy before every single game. Manning was curious about the ritual and asked if the team had a bar in the locker room. Lynch went on to say that the Hennessy always came out of his backpack.

The NFL has always had rules against alcohol in the locker rooms although it's certainly something that's easy to hide if you keep in your backpack. Besides, Lynch is now out of the league so it's not like the NFL can do anything about it anymore.

Meanwhile, Lynch also joked with Manning about the fines he received during his career and how he was always sent the invoice. Needless to say, Lynch was never one for playing by the rules, and it's why he's so beloved.