In the season finale of Marshawn Lynch's reality show "No Script," the Oakland Raiders running back linked up with his favorite guest, the scientist, performed a bunch of experiments with liquid nitrogen, and blew a bunch of shit up.

In the second half the episode, Marshawn paid a visit to Battlefield Vegas where he hopped in a tank and steamrolled "The Media," a buffet table, a car and other miscellaneous objects. 

Throughout the eight-episode first season of "No Script," the 31-year old star gave his fans an unprecedented, behind the scenes look at his life which included test driving race cars, simulated skydiving, Darth Vader voiceovers, hidden camera pranks, an encounter with "Red Panda," conquering his fear of roller coasters, and several other memorable moments. 

It's unclear if the show will be returning for a second season but if it involves Marshawn Lynch doing literally anything, especially anything involving the scientist, it's guaranteed to be worth a watch.

Check out the season finale of "No Script" below.