Oakland-native Marshawn Lynch wants the Athletics to stay in his beloved city for the long haul. 

The A's have already introduced plans for an incredible new stadium in Oakland that will be publicly financed, but there are still some obstacles in the way. And if the A's new ballpark isn't approved, the team could leave Oakland.

With that in mind, Marshawn Lynch made an appearance at the Oakland City Council meeting last night to deliver this short and sweet message: "We’re losing the Warriors. We’re losing the Raiders. Best not lose the A’s. Appreciate it.”

As Lynch notes, the Raiders are currently scheduled to move to Las Vegas by the 2020 season and their last game in Oakland could come on Christmas Eve when they host the division rival Denver Broncos. The Raiders aren't entirely sure where they'll be playing next season, but there's a chance it won't be in Oakland.

As for the Warriors, they're leaving Oracle Arena for some new digs in San Francisco beginning with the 2019-20 season.

Check out the Athletics' design plans for their new stadium in the tweets embedded below.