The past year has been pretty productive for Marlon Wayans as the comedian and actor has been hard at work on regularly delivering his does of hijinks by way of his NBC sitcom Marlon, his Netflix original film Naked, and his stand-up special Woke-ish.

Now, the takeover will continue as Wayans and Shots Studios have announces a new YouTube channel in which the youngest brother of the first-generation Wayans clan will star in different comedy segments on the channel.

“I’m excited to release my YouTube channel,” Marlon Wayans said in a statement, according to Variety. “I’m partnering with Shots Studios, who does amazing work with incredible talent. Looking forward to expanding my brand of humor into the YouTube arena.”

Shots Studio co-found John Shahidi, added that he’s always “loved Marlon’s work.,” adding that, “He’s created a lot of movies that make you laugh just as hard your tenth time watching it as it did when you first see it.”

It marks another instance in which YouTube is solidifying itself as more than just a source for vlogs and music videos; hitting the gas on original content that can match up to streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu.

“Marlon has a unique ability to connect with people around the world and reach them in an authentic, consistent and unfiltered way,” said Jamie Byrne, YouTube’s director of global creator partnerships. “We look forward to seeing him bring his unique brand of comedy to YouTube.”