Game of Thrones is the hottest topic right now since the final season has finally arrived which means a high number of people are tuned into HBO like never before. While the first episode has pulled in some crazy reactions and the "next week on Game of Thrones" teaser already has people buggin' there is one person who isn't really tuned in all that much. 

TMZ caught Marlon Wayans at LAX and while he was well aware that the new season has taken off, he called out the show for the lack of black actors. "I don't see a lot of brothers on it," he said, as seen below. "So there ain't no, like, Julius', Lamar's and a Jamal. Imagine a Jamal...on a dragon." The paparazzi agrees, saying how there's a "power issue even in the Game of Thrones universe." 

The White Chicks actor admitted that he isn't much of a fan for the series since he chose Walking Dead over the HBO show, simply because he doesn't have that much to "binge watch all the shit."

If you're just getting tuned into the series now and need some pre-season refreshers, click no further than here to get caught up without watching hours of past episodes.