Tupac is a hot topic in the new generation of rappers. Some may deem it clout-chasing while others consider the Pac slander to be straight up disrespectful. Everyone from Lil Xan to 03 Greedo has referenced Pac in some shape or form, but what exactly would the legendary figure think of the state of today's rap? While the answer is impossible to unpack in a simple manner, Marlon Wayans offered his take on whether Pac would be interested in the newer wave of rappers or not. 

In the series premiere of Pigeons & Planes' new show Delete Your History, the actor and comedian spoke about his close friend Tupac Shakur and the condition of rap today. Referencing Lil Pump in particular, Wayans himself isn't exactly intrigued by the constant Xanax and MDMA references while he said he does partly enjoy "Gucci Gang." After singing his praises for the catchy chorus, the actor critiques everything that comes after the repetition of the words "Gucci Gang." In response to Pump's "My lean cost more than your rent" lyric, Wayans says, "The f-ck is wrong with you? That is official crackhead-ness." 

Elaborating on Tupac's potential opinion on the climate of music, Wayans followed up his Lil Pump anecdote by confidently claiming, "That motherf-cker would not like today's rap. He would not be going for it." It's probably safe to assume that Pac would not be into the perpetual obsession with prescription drugs as his lyrical content was as deep as it gets. Watch the video below to see Wayans speak about Jay-Z and his nickname for Tupac.