Marlon Brando, the actor most known for his historic role as Vito Corleone in the Godfather films, has been making waves recently with allegation's about his sexual escapades. The news first emerged in a Vulture interview with Quincy Jones, who went on to reveal how Brando would sleep with anything, regardless of gender, listing Richard Pryor in the mix. Pryor's widow Jennifer, speaking with TMZ, confirmed Jones' claims by admitting that the two had previously hooked up with one another; Pryor was open about his bisexuality, which Jennifer accepted. 

However, this tabloid fodder seems to be ruffling some feathers in the Brando lineage, as his son Miko released a statement to TMZ to rebuke these claims. The statement reads "the Marlon Brando family has heard the recent comments by Quincy Jones and we are disappointed that anyone would make such a wrongful comment about either Marlon Brando or Richard Pryor." 

However, Miko isn't the only person to shut down these rampant rumours; Richard Pryor's daughter has also addressed the history between her father and Brando. Rain took to social media, in a since-deleted Facebook post, to reveal "Q [Jones] was once a brilliant music producer who is losing his mind, and decided to garner publicity for himself with a sensationalized interview, and because y’all think and equate Fame and Money with decency, you ate it up like thirsty dogs, as he spewed out a lie about my father who’s not here to defend himself."

Rain continues to note how "my dad’s so called widow validated it, because she needs to keep legitimizing herself and tarnish our dad even after he’s dead. She hated Q and Daddy."