Marlee - Hold Me Down

  April 17, 2016 13:28
Hold Me Down
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Listen to Marlee's new record, "Hold Me Down".

Marlee hails from Camden, New Jersey, and much like Patterson's Fetty Wap, he's a all about the big hooks. However, his voice skews closer to the high register experimentation of Young Thug, drowning his vocals in auto-tune in a way that keeps him a little more left-field than Fetty, yet his melodic aspirations are immediate as they get. In other words, "Hold Me Down" is a promising first taste of the rapper's sound, which feels in touch with where rap is going, without being overly reminiscent of any of its influences. We'll be keeping an eye on his next moves. Let us know what you think of him so far in the comments below.

Quotable Lyrics:
Girl I feel like you're the one
Girl, you should have my son
The way you turn me on
Girl I... the way you hold me down
Girl, you deserve a crown 

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