As one would imagine, Mark Wahlberg is an incredibly active individual. In a recent question and answer session with fans, the actor and former rapper revealed that he follows a demanding daily fitness routine requiring incredible levels of discipline and dedication. He told fans that he begins an average day at around 2:30 AM, undergoing several workouts throughout, and will usually be in bed by 7:30 PM. This past weekend, however, he broke away from his routine to attend an Aubrey and the Three Migos show. 

Wahlberg and his wife Rhea were spotted at the Los Angeles Staples Center where the couple enjoyed backstage VIP access, with Whalberg reportedly even being invited to join Drake's prayer circle minutes before the show. Drizzy is said to have recited a prayer filled with good wishes for the night's performers and crew sharing, "Very positive way to start this whole run off on… I asked last night that we set a standard and I asked that every night we try and raise that bar. So tonight I need you to bless the band and musical instruments, play music better than everybody else." He took a moment to send good wishes toWhalberg and his family as well adding, "We’ve got a great incredible collection of individuals, all of whom I admire so I ask that you please bless them. Bless my brother Mark and his family, allow them to continue seeing health [and] wealth." 

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