Mark Wahlberg didn't get as buff and fit as he is by not putting in crazy amounts of effort into his meal and work out plans. The Fighter actor has preached in the past about his 4 AM workouts and meal plans and despite all of his knowledge on staying healthy Dr. Oz does not agree with Mark on how breakfast is a very important meal of the day. Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has his own show on health, claims that intermittent fasting is one of the healthiest things one can do for their body but Mark's calling bullshit and the duo have now taken it to Instagram.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images 

“Listen, we got beef now. You don’t want this smoke, trust me,” Mark said in a video on Instagram. “If you wanna challenge me, I’ll come hung over, eat a big steak, and you can do your little 20 push-ups with one leg, your assisted pull-up, I’m telling you you’ll need a defibrillator when I’m done with you.”

Dr. Oz followed up with a video of his own that sees him doing push ups. “I watched your video and heard the taunting … I would eat normally but I skip breakfast, I skip lunch. I feel stronger than ever because I’m intermittent fasting, which you should learn more about,” he said between push-ups. “The ball’s in your court, my friend. Anytime, anywhere … By the way, those pull-ups, they were real.”

Mark then followed up with another video telling the doc to grab his defibrillator because he's going to need it after they go head to head but Dr. Oz came through with the last word. 

“Hey Mark, I gotta say nice muscles but I still haven’t seen you work out yet,” he said. “You keep talking about defibrillators. I’m sure you played with one in a movie once, but I’m here in the hospital and I actually play with real devices that save real lives … when you work out with that full stomach of yours, I’m going to be defibrillating you.”