With less than 20 games remaining in the NBA season, Russell Westbrook is still averaging a triple-double (31.7 points, 10.6 rebounds, 10 assists) and leading the league in scoring. 

Needless to say, many believe Westbrook is the MVP-favorite. But not Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

When asked about the MVP race, Cuban said it was a two-man race between Houston's James Harden and Cleveland's LeBron James. As for Westbrook, he's not in the conversation.

According to ESPN, the Cubes gave Westbrook credit for being "an amazing athlete" who is the "most explosive" player in the league and has the "best motor," but that doesn't make him an MVP candidate in Cuban's eyes.

Cuban thinks the benchmark for being a superstar, especially an MVP candidate, is leading your team to 50 wins and a playoff series win, and at 35-27, it's unlikely OKC will reach that mark. 


"The criteria hasn't changed," Cuban said. With a wry smile, he added: "And if I changed my mind, it would ruin all the fun for you guys."