Another state has taken the move to decriminalize marijuana. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed off on the decriminalization of the plant substance over the weekend, making it so that marijuana possession could be penalized by a simple $25 fine, rather than any criminal charge. This follows an attempt to legalize the plant fully earlier in the year, which failed to go through.

Virginia is now among the sixteen states that have decriminalized marijuana, while eleven states have legalized weed fully. Still, we can celebrate this small victory for Virginia residents even in the midst of a pandemic. While most residents are probably self-isolating at home right now anyways, once they are able to be out in the great outdoors, they'll have one less thing to worry about in the way of a cannabis habit.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring released a statement on the decriminalization, saying that the state will be a much more "fair, just and equal place," adding, "Decriminalization is an incredibly important first step, and one that many thought we may never see in Virginia, but we cannot stop until we have legal and regulated adult use."

Congrats, Virginia!