Mariah Carey's personal assistant leaked the starlet's medical records and extravagant spending habits to the press in an attempt to blackmail her for millions. The allegations stemmed from new court documents obtained by Page Six. The pop diva has been locked in a legal battle with her former employee, Lianna Azarian, and so for a long time now. We previously reported on the singer filing for a court order to have her intimate videos protected. Such intimate videos were believed to be in Azarian's possession along with other evidence which currently is battled over in their lengthy, enduring legal battle. And now Carey claims that Azarian stockpiled damaging information which she leaked to the Daily Mart. The latter occurred right after the ex-assistant attempted to get $8 million dollars from the songstress. 

The articles then released by the news outlet showed how Carey went on lavish spending sprees on cosmetic surgeries, which included a $10K butt-enhancing injection and a $273K two-day designer bender on Christmas Eve in 2016. Such transactions were hidden and done on Azarian's American Express credit card. The singer was also accused of cheating on her billionaire ex-fiance James Packer with her current boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. And now, Carey is looking to get $5 million dollars in damages because Lianna breached a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement which she signed back when she was hired in March 2015.