Just days after settling a lawsuit with her former manager for sexual harassment, it looks like Mariah Carey will be spending some more time in court. The pop diva is one of the most famous musicians in the world but in the last couple of days, she's been fighting off claims made against her by Stella Bulochnikov. Mimi was said to have strutted around her naked, sometimes doing "sexual things" in her former manager's presence. After a settlement was reached, Carey is going after another one of her past employees. This time, she's suing her ex-assistant after a huge betrayal on her part. 


According to Daily Mail, Lianna Azarian secretly recorded Mariah Carey doing "intimate" things that would be "embarrassing" if they somehow made their way onto the internet. The lawsuit does not give further context on what the content actually includes, except that it would be incredibly damaging. It's written in the suit that Mariah's former assistant showed the videos to some her of her friends and said that she would leak them if she were fired. 

She is currently blackmailing Carey, saying that she will release the videos unless the pop star pays her $8 million. The blackmail reportedly began in November 2017, after she was fired for using Mariah's credit card for personal purchases.