If there's one singer who's known for getting into the holiday spirit, it's Mariah Carey. One of the music superstars who never shies away from a Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony on the chance to dress up in her Mrs. Santa outfit, Mariah is also known for having arguably the most popular modern Christmas song of all time with "All I Want For Christmas Is You." However, according to a new TMZ report, the diva allegedly went all "Bah, humbug" on an unsuspecting group of choir singers and now they're taking legal action against her.

The legal documents detail how Carey hired Broadway Inspirational Voices in 2016 to be among the talent that performed 9 Christmas shows with her at New York City venue The Beacon Theatre. BIV claims that, shortly after those discussions were had, Mariah decided she wanted to go "another direction with regard to the choir" and renegged on the previous agreement that had been reached. The worst part is that the singer reportedly skipped out on paying the group around $70,000, although it's not clear what exactly that money would've covered overall.

It's also not the first time that Mariah has worked with this choir group. A source close to the group claims that, back in 2014, she hired for the same run of shows, at the same price, and that arrangement went through without incident. Some of the songs that were on tap for them to perform during those planned 2016 Christmas shows were "Jesus, What a Wonderful Child," "Joy to The World," "Carol of the Bells," and "Silent Night." Neither Carey nor any of her representatives have commented publicly on the situation, but we'll update the story if they do.

Mariah has been busy of late with tasks besides fielding lawsuits though. She made an appearance at the recent VH! Hip-Hop Honors show, performing her classic track "Honey," which was originally released in 1997 as a single from her album Butterfly. The world-renowned songstress included some ripped sailor dudes and a jet ski in her routine because, hey, why not. You can check out a clip from that performance below and peep the entire list of performances from the TV special here.