A little walk down Memory Lane for her autobiography has caused Mariah Carey to face legal issues. In 2020, Carey released her The Meaning of Mariah Carey bestseller, and prior to it hitting bookshelves, the singer made the press rounds where she spoke extensively about her childhood. Carey spoke about being biracial and how her home environment shaped her identity, and she also dropped a few unbelievable stories regarding her alleged experiences with her estranged siblings. 


On Wednesday (March 3), TMZ reported that Mariah is facing a new lawsuit set by her estranged brother, Morgan Carey, over a passage about him in her book that details an alleged violent encounter between Morgan and their parents. "It took twelve cops to pull my brother and father apart," the singer wrote in The Meaning of Mariah Carey.

"The big bodies of men, all entangled like a swirling hurricane, crashed loudly into the living room," she added. "I was a little girl with very few memories of a big brother who protected me. More often, I felt I had to protect myself from him, and sometimes I would find myself protecting my mother from him too." Another passage reads, "Suddenly there was a loud, sharp noise, like an actual gunshot. My brother had pushed my mother with such force that her body slammed into the wall, making a loud cracking sound."

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Morgan reportedly claims that her depiction of him as a violent person has smeared his name. He stated any fights that he may have had with their father didn't occur when the singer was a child and Morgan refutes her claim that twelve officers responded to a domestic violence call. He further states that Mariah also mentioned in her book that their mother said, "Morgan is the only one I love," and added that there are plenty of witnesses who can attest to the "deep affection" that he and his mother have for each other.

It's unclear how much he seeking in damages, but he's filed a lawsuit for "defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress." Mariah's estranged sister Alison Carey is also suing the singer for $1.5 million over the autobiography, as well, after the singer stated that Alison attempted to sell her to a pimp when she was a child.