Coolest mom award may have to go to Mariah Carey after she entered the TikTok world by helping out her daughter hit the viral “high note” challenge and posting the video to her twitter. Not surprising, considering her famed five-octave vocal range has landed her five grammys after all. 

She captioned the video on twitter saying: “When your daughter wants you to do the #highnotechallenge”

In the adorable video, 8 and half year old Monroe appears to be belting out beautiful notes, just as mommy would do, until the camera pans back and you can see Carey standing next to her singing!

“Mommy!” Monroe cries!

“What? You said do the high note!” Carey playfully replies as she retreats from the scene.

This isn’t the first heartwarming family musical affair from the Carey family however. The pair of twins, Monroe and Morrocan, who Carey shares with Ex-husband Nick Cannon, sang the background vocals for Carey’s hit song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on social media in 2018. They were also featured as background singers in her 2017 hit song, “The Star” for the animated film also titled “The Star”

Watch these videos below.