Being in the public eyes can be exhausting, hence it is understandable that celebrities snap every now and then. Mariah Carey recently put a reporter back in his place while out and about recently. The soulstress, who was never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, spoke up about her relationship status and prospect. In the video below, we can see a slew of paparazzi pressing Mariah for questions as she exits a restaurant. At first, the paps compliment the starlet before quickly launching into a discussion about Mariah's ex and baby father Nick Cannon. As Mariah makes her way to the car, a specific pap questions Mariah on whether she would consider getting back with Nick Cannon. That is as though he was the only option available to the songstress. Immediately, Mariah laughs before blatantly adding: "What is he, my last hope?" 

Previously, most of Mariah's past romantic relationships have always been highly publicized. Yet, sometimes a line must be drawn when it comes to getting into a celebrity's personal business and some of these famous folks are not afraid to check people when need be. Following the comment, Carey firmly shut the door and drove off. Message received.