Mariah Carey is getting to the point where she just doesn't care give AF anymore. The famed singer recently paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her Vegas residency and the conversation trailed off to talk about her experience as a judge on American Idol. Now that she's no longer with the program, Jimmy confronted her on a rumour surrounding Lionel Richie. "Is it true you told [Lionel] not to do American Idol when he was thinking about whether or not he should judge it?" Jimmy asked, where Mariah responded saying: "If I didn't, I should have."

Her answer was followed by a classic Mariah shade side eye that left the audience laughing. "I'm sorry," she followed. "Is he doing it? Is it going well for him? I don't watch." Adding: "Oh, wait, can I just clarify? I wasn't saying that Lionel wouldn't be a great judge; I was just saying I didn't have the world's best experience on that [show]."

When asked about the worst part of the show, Mariah stayed on a positive note. "I'll tell you the best part was some of the memes that we got," Mariah said. "It was bleak, though. It was a bleak experience. We don't have to go back there, but there were some good hairstyles and stuff like that. We'll stick to the positives -- my hairstyles were good. I mean, everybody else's were great, too. Yay."

Watch below.