There have been many cringeworthy moments on television, especially awkward interview moments, including one that came courtesy of Mariah Carey and Ellen DeGeneres. The popular talk show host has been the subject of scrutiny in recent years as growing accusations have caused a recent firestorm. Employees have called The Ellen Show toxic and alleged that the beloved host is a nightmare behind the scenes. As those accusations are being investigated, Mariah Carey chatted with New York Magazine about her 2008 moment that she now calls "extremely uncomfortable."

Mariah Carey, Ellen DeGeneres, Babies, Miscarriage
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Back then, Mariah Carey was married to Nick Cannon and the happy couple was trying to expand their family. Prior to welcoming their twins, Moroccan and Monroe, the singer was expecting but didn't want to share her good news with the world just yet. On the show, Ellen poured glasses of champagne and told Mariah they were going to toast to not being pregnant as the audience cheered on. Not wanting to drink the alcohol, Mariah Carey felt as if she was forced to announce her pregnancy when she wasn't ready. Not long after, the singer suffered a miscarriage.

“I was extremely uncomfortable with that moment is all I can say. And I really have had a hard time grappling with the aftermath,” said Mariah. “I wasn’t ready to tell anyone because I had had a miscarriage. I don’t want to throw anyone that’s already being thrown under any proverbial bus, but I didn’t enjoy that moment.” Check out a clip of that 2008 episode below.