When a relationship ends, so a record label begins. TMZ reports that Mariah Carey has just split up with now-ex-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. Tanaka, formerly one of Mariah's dancers, was reportedly jealous of Mariah and Nick Cannon's amicable relationship. Carey would take frequent family vacations with the Wild-N-Out star and their twins, which apparently did not fly with Tanaka. His expensive tastes were also an issue, and Carey felt that Tanaka was sliding into a relationship in order to benefit his own agenda for fame.

But it's not all bad news for the "Heartbreaker" singer. Mariah recently linked up with Epic Records to form her own imprint, Butterfly MC. This move will also act as the catalyst for some new Mariah, who will be dropping a new album later in 2017. “I am putting my heart and soul into making more new music,” said Mariah. “I am so thrilled for this next chapter and to continue working with, and for, everyone that I love."