Late last week, reports surfaced suggesting that Mariah Carey dramatically quit Jay-Z's Roc Nation label after an explosive meeting with the rap mogul. The "We Belong Together" singer signed with her frequent collaborator's agency back in 2017 and her alleged departure came just three and a half years after signing to the label. 

She slammed these reports almost as soon as they emerged, penning on Twitter, "The only 'explosive' situation I'd ever 'get into' with Hov is a creative tangent, such as our #1 song 'Heartbreaker'!! While the rumors of a dispute between the two were false, she has actually parted ways with the company. According to TMZ, however, it may have been for different reasons. 

Scott Gries/Getty Image

Sources close to the Grammy-winning singer tell the publication that Mariah favors working with a smaller team where she's able to work with managers more closely. Jay's agency offers a more wide-ranging business model.

According to the publication, at Roc Nation, major artists like Mariah could have more than 20 people working on her team in different departments like marketing, social media, music, merchandise, and more. Overall, she felt like it was time to cut it down to a more intimate group.

Sources add that there was no "explosive argument" between the two legends as some publications reported, something Carey also took to Twitter to make clear. Apparently, the two already mutually decided a couple of months ago to amicably end the business relationship. 

Carey will be joining Range Media Partners, a move that coincides with her manager Melissa Ruderman doing the same. While Range is not necessarily a small agency, it uses a business model offering a smaller team of skilled managers for clients.