In her upcoming memoir, American singer-songwriter Mariah Carey opens up about having an affair with MLB legend Derek Jeter during her marriage to prominent music exec Tommy Mottola. 

Available for pre-order now with an official release date of September 29, 2020, The Meaning of Mariah Carey divulges the details of Carey’s tumultuous career and personal life. Having met at a dinner party in the early ‘90s when Carey’s marriage to Mottola was on its last legs, Carey and Jeter began frequently meeting in secret. In her memoir, Carey recalls the first time they met and their first kiss fondly. 

“I can never forget that moment,” Carey writes of that evening. “I mean, it’s not like it was some intensely deep, intellectually stimulating — again, it was a great moment, and it happened in a divine way because it helped me get past living there, in Sing Sing, under those rules and regulations.”

mariah carey tommy mottola

Mariah Carey and her husband Tommy Mottola, 1995 - Rose Hartman/Archive Photos/Getty Images 

Having previously described being married to Mottola as “like being a prisoner,” Carey coined the home they shared together, “Sing Sing,” after the infamous New York prison. 

The 50-year-old singer even admitted in her memoir that both “The Roof” and “My All” on her classic ‘97 album Butterfly are about her fling with Jeter. 

Carey’s confession comes days after the singer previously made headlines for recalling an unpleasant 2008 appearance on The Ellen Show, in light of the formerly-beloved talk show host having recently come under fire due to a string of misconduct allegations. 

In the appearance, DeGeneres pushed Carey into revealing a pregnancy despite the singer’s clear reluctance to do so. When the singer miscarried later on, she was forced to disclose the news of her miscarriage to the public.