It's unclear where Mariah Carey's kids get their sass from, but with two superstar parents, their love of the spotlight is unsurprising. Moroccan Cannon, one-half of Nick and Mariah's twins, is becoming a TikTok star. Videos of the nine-year-old have recently gone viral and giving Mariah fans giggles after Moroccan was asked by one of the singer's supporters if he could get his mother on camera.

Moroccan Cannon, TikTok,  Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Innocently, Moroccan Cannon said "of course" and he attempted to get his mother to say hello to her fans while on camera, but the diva wasn't having it. "Tell her I'm on a business call," Mariah can be heard saying. The famous kid didn't think about pressing his mom and quipped, "My mom is not ready to shot at on TikTok, but yeah. Plus, she's on a business call... If I bug my mom...well, I don't really know what'll happen but I'm not gonna test it!" 

Other Mariah fans have been rather pushy as they poke at Moroccan while trying to get him to share secrets or personal information about his mother. "Please don't do that," he told viewers. "My life is none of your business. No offense. I'm just saying." Check out his clips below.