While David Ayer's Suicide Squad brought Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn to the forefront, it honestly did little else. The film was met with critical disdain from the jump, with many citing the strange confused tone, and the presence of an antagonistic "Beam." Side note, why do so many major blockbusters have to insert a villainous and potential world-destroying beam? Especially in Suicide Squad, a property with all manner of rogues to select. In any case, the film was what it was, and now James Gunn has been tapped to pick up the pieces. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Robbie will be returning for Gunn's "soft reboot." Though she is currently set to reprise her role as Harley in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Birds Of Prey, Margot Robbie is not slated for any further Gotham City properties. That includes the upcoming Gotham City Sirens, which leaves us wondering whether studios will look to recast the character entirely. Has Robbie left an undeniable impact on Harley's legacy, so much so that she's irreplacable? What do you think?