There's nothing new about artists using their sexuality to help boost their popularity in an effort to sell a few albums. The phrase "Sex Sells" exists for a reason, and its truth spans all music genres and generations. However, some argue that this current climate of hip hop is the most suggestive its ever been as artists push the envelope as it pertains to partnering their overt sexuality with their talents. Not everyone believes that it's necessary, while others interpret it as an expression of empowerment.

A discussion was sparked on social media about women in rap after a Twitter user shared that there was only one female emcee who doesn't strip down to gain popularity. "Young MA is the ONLY female rapper not using her body to sell records 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🔥🔥," the person wrote as a caption to an accompanying video clip of Young M.A rapping her song "BIG" for Genius. Television personality and social commentator Marc Lamont Hill was made aware of the tweet and shared that he disagreed. "There are so many levels of wrong to this tweet," he began.

"1) there are numerous women MCs not doing what you describe. Rapsody just set the world on fire. 2) you ignore that Young MA’s body is desirable to a large number of ppl just bc it doesn’t target straight male desire. 3) most male rappers use their bodies to sell records," he continued. Another Twitter user thought it was comical that Hill stated there were male rappers who used their sexuality to entice fans, so they asked him to name a few.

"Which *male rappers? How about LL?" Hill asked. "50? Ja? Wayne? All the rappers who appear shirtless or flaunt tattoos? Instead of laughing, consider actually paying attention." The debate raged on as there were some who responded that no one is buying a 50 Cent record because they think he's sexy. " I think they use their bodies to get laid not sell records," a person wrote. Sound off in the comments about what you think of Hill's remarks.