Manny Pacquiao is one of the most legendary boxers to ever do it and continues to win boxing matches even though he's 40 years old. He most recently defeated Keith Thurman and has plans to pursue even more fights. Outside of boxing, Paciquiao has many interests, including being a senator in his native Philippines. Now, it appears as though Pacquiao is getting into the cryptocurrency realm. According to EngadgetPacquiao announced his cryptocurrency, called "Pac," at a free concert in Malaysia last weekend.

Pacquiao will have numerous business partners in this deal, including Jason Derulo, Michael Owen, and the GCOX Group who are making all of this possible. The boxer's fanbase will be responsible for how the new cryptocurrency does as they can buy merchandise and interact with it directly.

 Steve Marcus/Getty Images

"GCOX revolutionizes the way celebrities interact with their fans, giving the public unparalleled access to celebrities," the group said in a statement. "This platform also allows celebrities, at the different stages of their celebrity life cycle, to develop, monetize and revitalize their popularity through the various mediums that are housed on the ACCLAIM blockchain."

Thanks to Bitcoin's surge back in 2017, cryptocurrency has become incredibly popular and some see it as the future of money on a global scale. Pacquiao's interest in it is further proof that crytpo has expanded its reach.