A new song from Lil Wayne has been previewed by Mannie Freshon the DaTakeover podcast, and it seems it may come from Tha Carter V sessions. Mannie, who worked with Wayne throughout his early Cash Money releases up until the first Carter, played 2 minutes and 30 seconds of a song called "Start This Shit Off Right" on the show. The song is produced by Fresh and features his vocals.

Lil Wayne HQ has pointed out that a song called "Start This Shit Off Right" was featured on the tentative tracklist for C5 that Wayne previewed in a promo video. However, that version of the song is said to feature Christina Milian, and does not mention Fresh. Still, it seems likely that even if this is not the exact version of the song listed on the tracklist, the two have something to do with one another. As far as we know, Milian's vocals could come in later in the song.

Wayne has said that the material on Carter V is some of the best music he's ever heard, telling the New York Times, "I had forgotten every single word on it, because I work every day. I popped it in, and I was like, it’s still so much better than everything I’ve ever heard. Not what’s going on right now — everything I’ve ever heard."

Unfortunately, C5 will not be released until Lil Wayne has made peace with his label, who he is currently suing for unpaid royalties.

Wayne is currently working on a project titled Funeral.

Listen to Mannie's full episode with DaTakeover below.