It's common knowledge that Kanye West recently utilized the talents of Mannie Fresh on the Cruel Summer compilation, but Mannie recently revealed that Ye bringing him out of semi-retirement was somewhat of a thank you for help the producer gave Yeezy back in his early days.

Fresh recalled when Kanye came to Cash Money in an effort to get signed. "I've been knowing him actually before he even had a deal," he said. "He actually came to Cash Money looking for a deal, and I been knowing him since then, When Kanye and Mikkey first came as a group, he didn’t have no equipment so I lent him my equipment.

The "Back That Azz Up" producer feels that his recruitment for Yeezy's latest project was a sign that he never forgot about the favour. "This was my first introduction to him, and the only thing I can say is it was a blessing, because he came back and looked back. Without knowing him, I just felt like he was a good dude and lent him some equipment or whatever to do what he had to do and he never forgot about it."

Mannie also spoke on the differences in their production approaches. "That's just not really my thing, but everybody's so used to that, so that's the standard," he said of e-mailing beats. "I'm more of like, 'Hey, dude, let me get in the studio and let's see what we come up with.”