The Instagram Live Battles have been a way for seasoned artists to show off the extent of their catalog. Longtime fans are enjoying hearing some of their favorite tunes while a younger generation of listeners may be hearing some of these hits for the first time. We reported on Mannie Fresh and Scott Storch going toe-to-toe for their friendly music battle, but Mannie told The Breakfast Club that some people criticized some of his teasings during the Live session.

In between songs, Mannie Fresh played a few skits he'd created. They were all meant to be funny jabs at his opponent, but some people took issue with Mannie over the skits. Some teased Storch over his signature aviator glasses, but others took aim at his personal life, including Storch's history of drug abuse. "They was like, 'You took a low blow at him.' I'm like, no, I consider dude a friend," he said. "And if he would have done the history of it, then he would have known that all of that go with the beat battle. Anything in hip hop is kind of a battle."

"I called Scott myself the next morning and I was like, 'Hey homie, I feel like this. A lot of people are upset about the skits or whatever,' and I was like, 'I apologize bro if I went too hard on you,'" Mannie continued. "His reply was,'I gotta own up to all that. I know Imma hear that.'" Charlamagne Tha God had other grievances with Mannie, including why he didn't play some of his massive hits. The producer said he didn't think it was necessary. Check out Mannie Fresh chatting with The Breakfast Club below.