Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are set to reunite over a decade after they starred in Superbad together. Netflix has been teasing their upcoming sci-fi dark comedy series Maniac all Summer. The series is based on a 2014 Norwegian series of the same name by Hakon Bast Mossige and Espen PA Lervaag. The plot revolves around Annie Landsberg (Stone) and Owen Milgrim (Hill), two strangers who meet while attempting to erase their inner demons in an experimental drug process. In a new trailer released for the film, Annie and Owen look like they are suffering from depression. They put their hopes and dreams into an experimental method that promises to "fix" them. Once the experiment takes places though, the trailer goes on a wild ride. 

After the test goes wrong, Annie and Owen find themselves in what looks like several alternate universes. At one point, one of the lab technicians in the trailer says that they both keep finding each other, which hints at some kind of mental connection taking place between the two during the experiment. They race between alternative universes or dreams, and the trippy adventure looks like a mix between a love story and a sci-fi thriller. Maniac debuts on Netflix on September 21 with ten episodes.