Just yesterday, a man was shot in North Carolina while recording himself on Facebook Live with a selfie stick. Douglas Cleveland Colson later fessed up to the crime, which effectively ended the life of 55 year-old Prentis Robinson; Colson is now charged with first-degree murder.

Robinson was fatally shot four times just moments after departing a local police station to file a report about a stolen cellphone. He had even recorded police chief Donnie Gay, who has admitted that he's at a loss for words since hearing about the accident, noting how "I'd just spoke to him, it was, I just...it's hard to say anything about that. I just got through talking to him."

According to sources, Robinson was known as a local Good Samaritan, who used Facebook to bring attention to the alleged drug dealers in his community. 

In the video, Robinson is filmed engaging in conversation with someone off-camera while walking home from the police department. He is heard telling the individual, who appears in the livestream only briefly, that he is being recorded multiple times, which is then followed by gun shots and Robinson falling to the ground. The camera lands face up towards the sky and trees, until someone discovers his body; he was pronounced dead at the scene. 

However, this is not the first murderous incident to appear on Facebook's servers, as just last year, Steve Stephens killed 74 year-old Robert Godin Sr., uploading the video online.