Earlier this month, there was a blissful 11-minute period where the Twitter account of one Donald J. Trump, the current President of the United States and frequent shade thrower on the social media platform, went dark. At the time, the employee who now no longer works at the Internet company (it was his last day when the incident took place) was lauded as a hero by many, and now he's going on the record to clarify what exactly happened that fateful day. 

In an interview with Tech Crunch, the employee in question, Bahtiyar Duysak, explained how it all went down. There's no big dramatic tale behind this one, sadly. Actually, Dusyak maintains it was a simple mistake. “I apologize if I hurt anyone, I didn’t do anything on purpose," he added, claiming that it was just a routine procedure that he got wrong in the end. According to his story, Dusyak had been plying his trade in customer support in the Trust and Safety division of Twitter, working out of their head offices in the Bay Area. He’d been a contract worker and November 2 was his last day before that deal was up. Even though he was preoccupied with saying farewell to many of his colleagues, he also made a point to continue his duties as normal right up to the end of that work day.

Towards the end of his shift, Duslyak was alerted that someone had reported Trump’s account. As is protocol, he began the process setting up the deactivation before he went home. However, Trump's account is supposed to be protected against just that by Twitter because the platform has deemed anything he writes newsworthy (shudders). “I think its all about a number of coincidences, very very little probabilities which all occurred on my last day of work,” he added, wanting to clarify that there was no hacking or malicious intent from him in any way. “I didn’t hack anyone. I didn’t do anything which I wasn’t authorized to do. I didn’t do any crime."

You can check out the full video from Tech Crunch below.