Let this be a lesson to any young guns out there. In a post on Reddit, a woman shared her frustrations with her sneakerhead husband’s ways. She explains in the post that her husband went ahead and purchased two pairs of Adidas Ultra Boosts and two pairs of “Pirate Black” Yeezy Boost 350s without her knowledge. The total cost? $2,500, which is apparently the couple’s mortgage money for the month.

To top it off, the husband explained that he bought “one to rock and one stock,” which should be a familiar phrase for any sneaker junkies out there, but is most definitely not a good reason to spend an additional $1,000 that you need for your mortgage. Somehow, she hasn’t left homie yet. I bet Kanye West won't be played in the house for a while though.

No matter how dope the pair of sneakers, they are not literally worth the roof over your head. Guess those jokes about spending your rent money on sneakers has a real-life example now.