According to TMZ, the White House received a lit visitor near its premises and we mean so literally. An emergency dispatch audio was obtained by the news outlet, along with the footage, which reveals that a man managed to set himself on fire before pacing calmly by the White House. In the obtained video, we see the unidentified man running while fully in flames before walking slowly. Shortly afterward, the police quickly arrive and cease the fire. Moreover, a suspicious package was found near the burning man and was also set in flames. Both were extinguished upon the police's arrival. 

No explanations have been given as of late to explain the bizarre behavior. All we know thus far is that the man was wearing a protective suit which is why we can see him walking calmly at first. He is believed to have strolled near the Washington Monument which is less than a mile away from the White House. Fortunately, the authorities were able to handle it before it got real. Furthermore, it is believed that the man suffered burns on approximately 85% of his body and is currently being treated in the hospital for "life-threatening" injuries. 

We expect more details on this later.