Over the weekend former NFL coaches Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan were involved in a brief altercation at a bar in Nashville, Tennessee with a man who has been identified by Bleacher Report as Matthew Havel.

According to Bleacher Report, Havel, 30, says he spent a good amount of time talking with Rob and Rex, as well as Rob's son, Matt, and James, a member of Ryan's extended family, but things quickly turned hostile and violent.

For example...

Havel explained to Bleacher Report that he has no idea where things went south.

Per Bleacher Report

"We didn't say anything like, 'You guys are bad coaches.' We were sitting there for an hour, hour and a half, talking, and then it wasn't with them, it was with the son and the nephew," Havel says. "Then we had pictures of Matthew's championship ring on my wife's hand. You don't let that out of your hand for anybody." 

"All of a sudden, they were coming at me in a blur," Havel says. "It happened so quick."

The Ryans have yet to comment on the scuffle at the Nashville Margaritaville location, but a source familiar with the situation claims Rex became increasingly agitated by "heckling from the uninvited guests," which led to Rex "trying to keep the peace," according to the report.

Havel has reportedly filed a police report.

"If you're an average Joe, anybody else doing that, they would be in jail," Havel says. "They just sat there, and nothing happened, taking pictures with people coming up to them."