A man found out about his late mother's dark past in a horrifying way. According to USA Today, a Missouri man found a frozen baby inside of his mother's freezer after she passed away. 37-year-old Adam Smith's mother died from lung cancer recently. He explained that the box had been inside of her freezer for years. Although curious, he never thought to look inside of it until last Sunday. "It still had skin, hair and everything; it was mummified," he told KSDK-TV. "After that, I freaked out, put it in the box and called police right away."

His mother lived in the apartment for over 20 years. He described his mother as secretive, especially when it came to the contents of the box. She told him at one point that the box, which he said took up a quarter of the space in every freezer she put the box in, contained a wedding cake top. When he looked into the box, he thought it could've been the cake top or possibly money. The remains of the infant child were wrapped in pink fleece.


"I'm more confused, angry," he said. "I just want to find closure. I want to find more answers."

Police are now investigating the case as a "suspicious death." He said that his mother took the box with her every place that she moved to. The discovery resulted in Smith learning more about his mother's past. He said that he found out she gave birth to a pair of twins. One was born and given up for adoption while the other was stillborn. Additionally, he reached out to his estranged father who revealed that his mother was "pregnant on their first date and that the next time he saw her, she wasn’t."

He later recounted a time when his mother was sad when he was 7 or 8-years-old. "All I can remember is that she told me, 'My oldest child would have been 21 today,'" he said. "And that her name was 'Jennifer.'"