Jackie Jerome Rogers has been charged with the murder of Lisa Marie Naegle, a former contestant on the 2010 E! reality TV series "Bridalplasty." Rogers confessed to the crime on Tuesday and told police that Naegle's body was buried in the backyard of his home near Inglewood, CA. Police rushed to the site and soon discovered her naked corpse in a shallow grave. Rogers is suspected of beating Naegle to death with a hammer. She was struck 7 times in the head, reports TMZ

The murder occurred on early Sunday morning after Rogers and Naegle had spent a night out together. They were pictured together at a party venue in Torrance, CA just over two hours before the suspected time of the killing. Naegle was nurse and Rogers was apparently a student of hers. They were romantically involved, and Naegle had allegedly told Rogers of her plans to break up with him and return to her husband before he beat her to death. The relationship status between Naegle and her husband -- and whether she was involved in an affair with Rogers -- is unclear. 

Naegle's family had known that she went out with Rogers on Saturday night, and they confronted him on Monday night as she had gone missing. In fact, they were able to paint him as the obvious suspect when they presented him with surveillance footage showing Naegle getting into his car and driving away at 2:18 AM on Sunday morning. Before revealing the footage, Rogers had allegedly told them that he had left Naegle at the bar earlier that night because she had wanted to go to an after-party and he was too tired. 

Rogers allegedly was confounded upon being shown the surveillance video and was unable to offer a coherent explanation. That prompted Naegle's family to detain him and block his car from a possible exit while they called police. Rogers was soon taken into custody on suspicion of murder, and he confessed the next day.