Florida is known for being a place that creates the kinds of headlines like the one above. It seems that every time something like this happens it's in the coastal state. You'd think that, at this point, the people involved would just roll with it instead of getting surprised and calling 9-1-1, but apparently not. 

Anthony Andrew Gallagher rolled through the McDonalds drive-thru in Port St. Lucie. On his first pass, the 23-year-old pulled up and tried to hand the server a bag of weed in exchange for his meal. The McDonalds employee refused and Gallagher drove on. But, upon realizing that–wait!–weed is legal in a lot of states and in a whole country just North of the border, why are the people at MCD's so uptight? Plus the weed is probably worth way more than any normal-sized meal at McDonalds, even it's a small amount. So, he drove back to try again.

Unbeknownst to Gallagher, the employee had called the police while he was circling the block and when he came back a second time he was arrested, according to ABC, on charges of "marijuana possession and driving under the influence."  Here's to hoping that Gallagher doesn't get put away too long for such a charming little indiscretion.