Loved ones of 31-year-old Amanda Custer have been beside themselves since the end of July. It was then that the last contact with Custer was made before she seems to have vanished. No one has been able to contact her and she hasn't been seen or heard from since that time. Yet, on July 29, Custer's boyfriend, Robert Anthony Camou, visited a bar in downtown Los Angeles and came across a few aspiring rappers who were engaged in cipher. Camou decided this would be a great time to spit a few bars of his own. It's safe to say things took a turn.

In a video clip of the moment Camou grabbed the mic, the seemingly drunk 27-year-old reportedly introduced himself to the crowd as a "gangster in the house." He then went on to say, "I killed my b*tch and buried that b*tch in the f*cking dirt," adding that the police were looking for him. The look on the other rappers' faces can only be described as shock. While his admissions have yet to be proven, Camou was correct when he stated that investigators did have their crosshairs squarely on him as a suspect in Custer's disappearance.

It was only a matter of time before Camou was arrested because with or without his wanna-be rap star murder admission, his parents had already reported him to authorities. According to The Washington Post, Camou's parents stated that when they went into his room, they found blood and what looked like a struggle. The family's neighbors added that they also saw a "lifeless" Custer being dragged by Camou as he placed her into the back of his vehicle.

The day after he was filmed at the bar, police tracked down his car. They found it not far from the bar with Camou sleeping inside, along with a digging tool and traces of blood. Camou was reportedly out on bail for a domestic violence charge against Custer at the time. He's been charged with capital murder. Authorities continue to search for Custer's body but have yet to find her.