4/20 has come and gone, but the memories of Belly's Coachella assault continue to linger. As do his bruises, presumably. In case you missed it, the Canadian rapper was in the midst of enjoying The Weeknd's Coachella performance. Naturally, the vibe was mellow. Everything quickly went left after a small army of security personnel waded into the crowd to administer a beatdown on the rapper. Punches were thrown, hitting his face, arms, and yes, his belly. As of now, the reason for the attack remains unknown, as do the extent of Belly's injuries. For what it's worth, he managed to stay positive in spite of the harrowing affair.

Seeing as this is the rap game, there must be consequences. Seeing as the attackers were part of the Coachella's security team, it seems as if Belly and his squad are setting their sights on the festival itself. TMZ caught up with producer Mally Mall, who affirms that he called in to check with the rapper, whom he dubs "family." He proceeds to say that while shit happens, Coachella should still be expected to "write that cheque, a lawsuit's coming." After the cameraman points out that Coachella buffed up the security squad, Mall claims that such a wealthy company should have better human relations.

"Belly has his past, everyone knows who he is," continues Mall. "I don't know if it was a personal vendetta or what it is, but they gotta pay, man."